Thursday, May 1, 2008

CORE3282: Crash occurred in function

[01/May/2008:11:05:23] fine ( 6208): Successfully initialized web application environment for virtual server [https-bamws]
[01/May/2008:11:05:35] info ( 6208): CORE3282: stdout: WebappClassLoader: Additional JARs have been added : 'hibernate-3.2.3.jar'
[01/May/2008:11:05:39] info ( 6208): WEB2798: [] ServletContext.log(): WEB3945: Scratch dir for the JSP engine is: /opt/sunone/https-mtan/ClassCache/https-bamws/default-webapp
[01/May/2008:11:05:39] info ( 6208): WEB2798: [] ServletContext.log(): WEB3947: IMPORTANT: Do not modify the generated servlets
[01/May/2008:11:05:44] catastrophe ( 6208): CORE3260: Server crash detected (signal SIGSEGV)
[01/May/2008:11:05:44] info ( 6208): CORE3262: Crash occurred in function pblock*NVPairs::dup()const from module /opt/sunone/bin/https/lib/


I removed all jars from WEB-INF/lib with rm -r *, populated it with a new lib directory, restarted the server and the above error occurred. Restarting the server every time still caused this same error.

I tried to remove all references to this web app in the server.xml file, but the error still occurred.


This could have been possibly caused by the removal of jars that while the server was still running. Perhaps, an artifact of the jar remained after subsequent restarts and would continuously cause the crash on the server.


I removed the hibernate-3.2.3.jar from this lib directory and the web server now starts without error.

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